BPE BP1200 VA Line Interactive UPS With Built-In AVR and Surge Suppressor


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  • Bult-In AVR
  • Surge Suppressor
  • Cold Start on Battery
  • Overload Protection
  • Battery Drain Protection
  • Built In Night Charging Mode
  • Powerful Microprocessor
  • Optional USB Card For Auto Shutdown Software
  • Easy Battery Swappable
  • Plug and Play
  • Generator Compatible


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BPE BP1200 VA Line Interactive UPS With Built-In AVR and Surge Suppressor

Safety Certifications

BPE`s 600 watts Home UPS is manufactured in accordance with the RoHS directive, ensuring that it does not contain hazardous substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBBs, and PBDEs. RoHS compliance contributes to environmental sustainability and protects human health by minimizing the use of harmful materials.

Equipped with Surge-protected Outlets and Reliable Battery Backup

This BPE BP1200 VA UPS is equipped with surge protection technology that shields your connected devices from harmful power surges and voltage spikes. With 4 surge-protected outlets (one direct), you can rest assured that your valuable electronics, such as computers, televisions, gaming consoles, and audio equipment, are protected from potential damage caused by sudden power fluctuations.

Listen, Work, Watch, Play ! Always stay connected to World

This BPE BP1200 VA UPS is perfectly suited for TVs/LED screens, home theater systems, gaming consoles, ps5, computers (desktops or laptops), and Wi-Fi routers commonly found in homes and small offices. It offers ample power capacity and outlets to support these devices simultaneously, allowing you to keep your entertainment, work, and communication systems up and running during power disruptions.

Energy Efficient with 2 Cogent Batteries of 9 Ah

Our BPE BP1200 VA UPS incorporates intelligent battery management technology, enabling efficient utilization and monitoring of 2 internal batteries with 9 Ah capacity. This feature ensures optimal battery performance, extends battery life, and maximizes the availability of backup power.

BIS Approval

BPE`s BPE BP1200 VA UPS has received approval from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which ensures that the product meets the necessary safety standards and quality requirements set by the Indian government. BIS approval signifies that the Home UPS is reliable, safe, and suitable for use in Indian households.

Adequate Battery Backup

Our UPS features a high-capacity internal battery that ensures adequate backup power during blackouts or brownouts. This battery backup capability allows you to continue using your devices seamlessly, protecting your work, data, and entertainment from disruption for up to 1 hour on full load. You’ll have ample time to save your files, safely shut down your equipment, or continue your activities until power is restored.

Enhanced Battery Charging

This BPE BP1200 VA UPS utilizes smart charging algorithms to optimize the battery charging process. It automatically adjusts the charging parameters based on the battery’s condition, ensuring fast and efficient charging while preventing overcharging or undercharging. This intelligent charging mechanism promotes battery health and reliability.

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Brand Best Power Equipment’s
Model Number BP1200
Type Line-interactive
Form Factor Tower Model
Model Name BPE Line Interactive UPS (Version 2.0)
Overload Protection Yes
Certification BIS, RoHS Compliant, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001
Technology Used Line Interactive, Uninterruptible Power Supply
Cold Start Yes
Color Black
Input Features
Input Voltage 230 V
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Phase Single Phase
Input Plug Type 3 Pin-Socket
Other Input Features Indian Type Socket
Output Features
Output Voltage 230 V
Output Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Power Wattage 390 W
Efficiency >94 %
Output Waveform Simulated Sine Wave
Transfer Time 8 ms
Outlet Plug Type Indian Type 3 Pin-Socket
Number of Outlet Plugs 4
Surge Protection 4 Plugs
Output Power Factor 0.6
Convenience Features
Digital Display No
Display Indicator Functions Red Lighting for Fault Mode, Orange Lighting for Battery Backup Mode, Green Lighting for AC Mode
Emergency Power Off Yes
Serial Port Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes
LED Indicator Function AC Mode, Battery Backup Mode, Fault Mode
Width 14.5 cm
Height 16 cm
Depth 40 cm
Weight 8.5 kg
Cord Length 1 m
Battery Features
Battery Type Sealed Maintenance Free Lead Acid VRLA
Hot-swappable Battery No
Recharge Time 90% in 8 Hours
Number of Batteries 2
Battery Voltage 12 V
Battery Capacity 9 Ah
Full Load Runtime 15 min
Half Load Runtime 25 min
Replacement Battery Yes
Replacement Battery Type Sealed Maintenance Free Lead Acid VRLA
Environmental Features
Minimum Operating Temperature 0 degree C
Maximum Operating Temperature 45 degree C
Noise Level <65 dbA
Operating Humidity 95%
Maximum Operating Altitude 1500 m
Storage Temperature -10 C – 55 C degree C
Storage Humidity 95%
Maximum Storage Altitude 2000 m
Warranty Summary 2 Years on UPS and 1 Year on Battery




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