History of the Company

The Journey of Clarion has started in 1980. At that time we had setup a TV Manufacturing factory at Kolkata. We were the largest OEM suppliers for Various Local TV Manufacturing Units Like BUSH/NELCO/UPTRON/Blue Diamond/KONARK. etc.

In 1995 with the advent of IT and the boom for .com, Clarion moved its focus on IT products, importing and distributing multiple IT brands . Since then Clarion has been recognized as one of the largest Importers  in Eastern India for various IT Products . We Always introduced  innovative products in channel.

We always  focused on the pulse of the market trends & always committed in its endeavor to come up with high quality products , so in 2001 we launched our own brand “CLARION”  for DVD players and Computer Multimedia speakers.

Today, Clarion has a R&D Wing in China & 10 Branches in India with a Distribution Network over 400 + Cities

Now Clarion is a IT & Gaming Peripherals, Sound systems, LED TV brand with a mission to provide quality products  in pocket friendly price.