Return Policy

Cancellation Policy

  • cancellation Policy is implied only where the product have defect or damage. We do not accept returns in case of wrong selection made by customer.
  • Cancellations will be considered only if the request is made within 24 hours of placing an order. However, the cancellation request will not be entertained if the orders have been communicated to the vendors/merchants and they have initiated the process of shipping them.
  • There is no cancellation of orders placed under the Same Day Delivery category.
  • No return will be entertained for those products that the marketing team has obtained on special occasions like Diwali, and Valentine’s Day , New Year , etc. These are limited occasion offers and therefore cancellations are not possible.
  • Clarion Computers Pvt Ltd does not accept cancellation requests for pre-order items. However, refund/replacement can be made if the customer establishes that the condition of the product delivered is not good.

Grievance Policy has been created to ensure that its users have access to the best price on products and hence we believe that trust is the basis of initiating the transaction. In case the exhibited product does not match its descriptions (images may vary), then the same can be returned or exchanged, provided that the original seal is not tampered with and that the product has not been used or mutilated.

We advise that you may shoot a video of the delivered product and send it to us with your grievance and we shall address the same and resolve the issue in a fair manner.

We have a grievance redressal system and shall do all that is possible to resolve disputes, if any, fairly and judiciously.

Refunds Policy

Refunds shall be permitted in case of cancellation of the transaction before delivery or after a dispute has been raised in accordance with the grievance policy and resolved in favor of the user.

No refunds shall be made in cash and shall be mandatorily processed through the payment made by the mode and may take up to 7 to 10 working days to reflect in the user’s bank account

All requests for refunds should be emailed to [email protected]. Please allow us 48 hours to respond to your request.

Refund request for your order will be honoured as following:

  • 100% Refund : If request received before the order is dispatched and payment done via Bank Transfer.
  • 97.5% Refund : If request received before the order is dispatched and payment done via Payment Gateway Like Credit Card or Debit Card or UPI or Net Banking
  • 90% Refund – If request received after the order is dispatched.
  • No Refund: If the item is delivered and you no longer need/require the item although the item is working perfectly.

we process the refund once the products have been received and verified at our warehouse. However this refund policy will not be applicable in case the transaction is not in confirmity to the cancellation policy of company as stated above.

Returns Policy

Ordinarily goods once sold cannot be returned unless there is a Manufacturing defect or discrepancy in the product delivered from that which is ordered. For eg: if there is a mismatch of specification between the ordered product (images may vary) and that which is delivered, the product is not equal to that which is ordered and that which is delivered or the product is found to be faulty and approved by the brand’s service center as DOA.

Any request for return has to be made at the earliest preferably within 24 hours of the date of delivery and the reason for such returns has to be specified. The quicker the request, the better the chances of minimizing any dispute.

Any Return must be in its original and proper packaging with company seal, for a refund.

We will not accept any type of Physical damage/Mishandling of Products / seal broken / Tampering of warranty Stickers or wrong product from customers for cancellation or return/refund of products. Our Responsibility ceases the moment goods leaves our warehouse. All Product sold by us require technically qualified PC Hardware engineer for Installation.

Any refund in case of return shall be governed by our refund policy.


Unboxing Video Guidelines

Shipping is the most important process in the life cycle of a physical product buying experience in an e-commerce website. This process is prone to issues & human error that can’t be resolved with the click of a button. And any issues that might occur due to unforeseen circumstances during the process need to be documented properly. Also, the use of third-party courier services makes it even more strict as we need to present the evidence to them if we want to claim any issues/damages. This is one of the reasons we ask everyone to make unboxing video. This is something that can only be done by the person receiving it. Buying online comes with its own perks and responsibilities. No courier company is perfect, and their weakest point, most of the time is the person responsible for pickup/delivery. Saying that, we suggest one should make unboxing video not only while buying from us but for any online purchase you do.

Unboxing video is compulsory when you purchase from our website and without it, we will not entertain any queries regarding this. When you are purchasing something, you are not only interacting with us but with a third-party courier service also which has their own set of guidelines and process for any issues. If you don’t take a video and find any issues with delivery, even if it may seem obvious to you, it may be to us and definitely not to the courier company. Even if we try to get the issue resolved, it can take a lot of time without video and is not guaranteed to be resolved. Taking a video might seem like a hassle but if any issue arises, it will be a more hassle.


When delivery boy arrives to deliver your shipment, please inspect the shipment before accepting it. Make sure that the shipment was not tampered by anyone. If you feel like it has been tampered with and repacked, please take pictures of the package, reject the delivery & send an email to [email protected] with the shipment images and we will verify the details. If everything is good it will be delivered next day, if not it will be returned, and order will be reshipped.

Put the camera on a stable place in a well-lit place so everything is clear.
Show the shipping label on the camera, which is present on the package. Shipping label contains the tracking number, your address and product details. It is important to show the shipping label clearly so it can be proven that the shipment you are unboxing is the correct shipment.
Show all sides of the package to show that the package has not been opened before and you are opening it for the first time.
Once the shipment is opened, please make sure that the product delivered is correct and not damaged.
In case everything is ok, and product is correct & in perfect condition, you are good to go.
In case of damaged shipment: Once the package is opened, please show the product box condition in the camera to show any damages on the box and also show the product itself.
In case of wrong product: Once the package is opened and you suspect the product delivered is wrong, please show all the sides of product box and labels present on the box to prove that the product is different. You don’t have to open the wrong product seal, keep it as it was delivered till the solution is provided.
All the steps above should be recorded without any cuts, and everything should be in frame all the times, do not take the product or shipment out of frame for even a slight moment.


All products are as per description of the manufacturer and does not claim any responsibility for the accuracy or specifications of the same. As we aim to provide the best price on a product to you, the customer, we do not take responsibility of the quality and features of the product and the principle of caveat emptor is applicable to the user.

All trademarks, brand names and logos depicted on our website are the Intellectual property of their respective owners and has no claim whatsoever in respect of  the same.

We cannot be held responsible or liable for any misrepresentation made by any manufacturer. But we shall support our customer in case of any such misrepresentation.