Cooler Master Qube 500 Flatpack Mesh Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Cabinet


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Cooler Master Qube 500 Flatpack Mesh Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Cabinet

  • Introducing the all-new Cooler Master QUBE 500, a highly customizable flat pack case from Cooler Master that allows you to emphasize your own personal style and creativity.
  • The QUBE 500 comes flat packed and disassembled, designed to offer a fun, easy, and satisfying build experience that starts from scratch. Plus, The QUBE 500’s innovative packaging greatly reduces its transportation carbon footprint and overall environmental costs.
  • From dual 280mm radiator slots and 8 fan locations to EATX support, this case has all you need for a modern build, All at a super compact size of just 33L.
  • Due to the removable nature of the flat pack design, its super easy to open any panel, plug or unplug cables, and close it again without issue. This level of modularity is also great for customization, allowing you to adjust the case however you want to.
  • We intend to create a change in the industry with the QUBE 500 by giving users an eco-friendly case solution that is easier to build, has all the specs you could want, and is highly customizable.

DIY for everyone

An efficient and eco-friendly flat pack design allows for a fun and flexible build experience that both beginners and long-time builders can enjoy.

Build as you unbox

From the moment you open the box, the build begins with fun and easy step-by-step instructions.

Highly customizable

An unprecedented level of customizability allows full creative expression.

Fully modular

Features modular panels that simplify and streamline the usual case prep process. Every panel is separately removable for easy maintenance.

Full-sized specs, pint-sized body

Despite its compact size at 33L, the QUBE 500 can house almost anything you would expect from a larger case, from EATX Motherboards and the latest GPUs to dual 280mm radiators.

Color your way

Fully express yourself with the multi-color Macaron edition. It includes two sets of extra panels, an extra handlebar and two accessory hooks. Because all the panels are modular you can create 3 different color cases or mix and match.

Built-in vertical GPU mount

Vertically mount your GPU with the included bracket. You can even adjust the distance from the side panel to maintain good airflow.

Modular design

Modularity permeates the whole design of the QUBE 500. The outer panels can be exchanged or placed at the bottom of the case, the handlebar can be mounted on any of the corners, and you can even use the case in mirror or test bench mode.

Great specs

Despite its small size the QUBE 500 can house up to an EATX motherboard, two 280mm radiators, up to 8 120mm fans, and is compatible with latest GPUs.

Customize and personalize

The GEM mini cable manager and accessory hook (macaron edition only) will allow will allow you to customize the QUBE 500 to your liking, but don’t stop there. Really let your creativity loose with 3D-printed, community-driven designs!

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Cabinet Colour

Cabinet Size

Product Name  QUBE 500 Flatpack
 Product Number  Q500-KGNN-S00
 Exterior Color  Black
 Materials Exterior :Steel, Plastic, TG
Left Side Panel :Grey TG + Steel
 Dimensions (L x W x H)  Incl. Protrusions :406 x 231 x 415mm
excl. Protrusions :380 x 231 x 381mm
 Volume (Liters Excl. Protrusions)  33.44 L
 Motherboard Support  ITX / Micro ATX / ATX / E-ATX (Width up to 296mm w/ SFX PSU, up to 273 w/ ATX PSU)
 Expansion Slots  7
 Drive Bays 3.5” HDD :Max. 4x 3.5” HDD
2.5” SSD: Max. 3x 2.5” SSD
 I/O Panel  USB Ports:2x USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A, 1x USB 3.2 Gen2 x 2 Type C
Audio In / Out: 3.5mm Combo x 1
 Pre-installed Fan(s)  Rear:120mm x 1 (1800 rpm)
SF Black PWM
 Fan Support Front:120/140mm x 1 (x2 if PSU is mounted in bottom)
Top: 120/140mm x 2
Rear: 120mm x 1
Bottom  :120/140mm x 2
Left side:120/140mm x 2
 Radiator Support  Front:120/140 mm (240/280mm w/ PSU in bottom)
Top : 120/140/240/280mm (280mm can be used within 53mm thickness)
Rear: 120mm
Left side:120/140/240/280mm
 Clearances CPU Cooler:164mm~172mm (Remove the water cooling bracket)
Power Supply(length):173mm to first GPU slot, 216 maximum space (w/o cable management space)
332mm space mounted in bottom (w/o cable management space)
Graphics Card:365mm
 Cable Routing space  Behind MB Tray:29~32mm
 Handle  Black x 1
 Gem Mini  Black x 1
 Dust Filters  Front, Top, Bottom, Right side
 Power Supply Support  SFX / SFX-L / ATX
 Warranty  2 Years


Cooler Master

Building a PC is a highly personalized journey. We know that components are carefully chosen based on price, functionality, and aesthetic preference. Your personality is embedded in each of those choices, transcending from hardware to an immersive, custom-built experience. From custom PCs to all-out gaming rooms, we encourage every decision to reflect who you are. Our components represent so many different personalities because PC enthusiasts don’t fit into just one mold. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student on a tight budget, a graphic designer that’s brand new to building, or a veteran modder of high-end gaming PCs; we offer components to inspire creative freedom in everyone. We believe that personal preference and individual expression leads to innovation. The simple desire to make something better is exactly why Cooler Master is the standard in thermal innovation today. The aspiration to provide better cooling was a matter of personal preference, inspired by the freedom and enjoyment in building and creating something new. Now, our strategic partners like NVIDIA and AMD, our loyal community of gamers and PC enthusiasts, all rely on Cooler Master to strive for thermal excellence. That’s the result of simply wanting improved functionality and wanting to tailor something to fit our personal preference. That’s how innovation starts. The PC community is never short on feedback and strong opinions—we love that. Hearing your thoughts and ideas give us the opportunity to be a part of your building journey, it helps us perfect the DIY experience, and it encourages us to adapt our product development process. After all, it is the community of builders, creators, and gamers who are an integral part of Cooler Master, helping bring our ideas to life. Together, we have been able to heighten the standards of how PCs are configured, transform the way they look and feel, and surpass the technological expectations of today. That’s where our passion stems from and that’s what it means to truly Make It Yours.

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