Cooler Master HAF 700 ARGB Full Tower E-ATX Gaming Cabinet (Titanium Grey)


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  • Unparalleled Hardware & Cooling Capabilities
  • Mammoth Water Cooling Support
  • Exclusive Tool-Less Technology
  • ARGB Gen2 ready with MasterPlus+ integration

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COOLER MASTER HAF 700 ARGB In Spirit of Cooler Master’s HAF Legacy

COOLER MASTER HAF 700 ARGB Cabinet embodies the spirit of HAF’s performance oriented design, boasting attention to mechanical detail.

Unrestricted Front Panel Intake

No Limits.

The COOLER MASTER HAF 700 ARGB is capable of housing up to SSI-EEB motherboards (E-ATX), as well as any sized graphics cards in BOTH horizontal and vertical orientations.

Rich Connectivity

The front I/O is designed to maximize the front connectivity for most high end motherboards, featuring four USB Gen 3.1 Type A ports, a USB Gen 3.2 Type C, a 4 pin audio/mic headset jack as well as a dedicated mic jack.

Mammoth Radiator Support

Unparalleled Options for Custom Cooling

  • 480mm: Side Panel *1
  • 360mm: Front Panel *1 or Bottom Panel *1 / Top Panel *2
  • 240mm: Rear Panel *1

Advanced Mounting Options

  • The unique removable top panel design allows you to effortlessly install, reach and maintain cooling components such as fans and radiators even in builds with complex custom cooling systems.
  • COOLER MASTER HAF 700 ARGB, coupled with the rotatable radiator/fan bracket included out of the box allows for an unparalleled building experience.
  • Exclusive 200mm SickleFlow ARGB PWM Performance Edition
  • COOLER MASTER HAF 700 ARGB comes with dual exclusive 200mm Sickleflow ARGB PWM “Performance Edition” fans tailored to strike a balance between performance potential and noise levels.

Multi Chamber Layout

Integrated 7x PWM & 5x ARGB Hub

This chassis features a fully integrated PWM/ARGB Hub that allows for effortless cable management and control over multiple fans and ARGB devices. The Hub is fully compatible with ARGB Gen2 devices.

ARGB Gen2 Ready, Controller Included

ARGB Gen2 technology allows users to explore full range customization down to the lighting effecting of each individual LED, while remaining compatible with third party devices.

MasterPlus+ Software Integration

  • COOLER MASTER HAF 700 ARGB comes equipped with a software suite in MasterPlus+, facilitating user-friendly management and customization of the integrated ARGB Gen2 controller (A1).
  • The A1 controller plugin will automatically be activated on MasterPlus+ once the controller has been connected to the system.

MasterPlus+ Software Integration

Unrestricted Front Panel Intake

  • COOLER MASTER HAF 700 ARGB sports a fully meshed front panel, specifically designed to allow for maximum air intake.
  • With the front panel structurally reinforced to prevent resonation caused by fan vibrations, systems can run smoothly at minimal noise levels.

Multi Chamber Layout

COOLER MASTER HAF 700 ARGB’s structure segregates non heat sensitive components so heat dissipation can be targeted towards heat sensitive components at an overall higher efficiency.

Tool-less Installation

Tool-less Vertical GPU Mounting (Patent Pending)

No more fiddling with screws! COOLER MASTER HAF 700 ARGB features a unique clamping mechanism that allows users to install, remove, and upgrade graphics cards without the need to use any tools.

Tool-less Vertical GPU Mounting (Patent Pending)

Tool-less PSU Mount

To install PSUs, simply slide the power supply in place and secure it with the two included thumbscrews on the rear end of the case. No tools, no hassle.

Tool-less PSU Mount

Tool-less HDD Cage

The rear chambers includes a tool-less, swiveling drive cage that allows users to quickly access drives with ease.

Tool-less Multifunction Brackets

Multifunction, repositionable brackets can be used to mount SSDs, HDDs, or pumps/reservoirs for liquid cooling.


Cabinet Colour

Cabinet Size

Model H700-IGNN-S00
Exterior Color Titanium Grey
Materials – Exterior Steel, Plastic
Materials – Left Side Panel Tempered Glass, Steel, Plastic
Dimensions (L x W x H) 556 x 279 x 540 mm (Body Size)
666 x 291 x 626 mm (incl. Protrusions)
Motherboard Support Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, E-ATX, SSI CEB, SSI EEB
Expansion Slots 8
2.5″ / 3.5″ Drive Bays (Combo) 9 (4 HDD bracket, 5 Screw + Rubber)
I/O Panel – USB Ports 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C
4x USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.0)
I/O Panel – Audio In / Out 1x 3.5mm 4 Poles Audio Jack
1x 3.5mm Mic Jack
Pre-installed Fans – Front 2x SickleFlow 200 ARGB PWM
Pre-installed Fans – Rear 2x SickleFlow 120 ARGB PWM
Pre-installed Fans – Bottom 1x SickleFlow 120 ARGB PWM
Fan Support – Top 2x 200mm
3x 140mm
6x 120mm (Remove 480mm bracket)
Fan Support – Front 2x 200mm
Fan Support – Rear 2x 120mm
Fan Support – Bottom 3x 120/140mm
Fan Support – Side 4x 120mm / 3x 140mm
Radiator Support – Top Up to 2x 360mm / 1x 420mm
Radiator Support – Rear Up to 240mm
Radiator Support – Bottom Up to 420/360mm
Radiator Support – Side Up to 480/420/360mm
Clearance – CPU Cooler 166mm / 6.53 inch
Clearance – PSU 200mm / 7.87 inch
Clearance – GFX 490mm / 19.29 inch
Cable Routing – Behind Motherboard Tray 90-101mm
Included Accessories 1x Rotatable Radiator Bracket
1x LED Controller A1 (ARGB Gen2)
Dust Filters Bottom, Right side
Power Supply Support Bottom Mount, E-ATX
Series HAF Series
Size Full Tower
Warranty 2 Years


Cooler Master

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